I love seeing the burlap wedding theme and trend happening.  Last year I thought I was thinking out of the box when I created a whole party around burlap and was buying it by the bulk; boy was I wrong.  

I was buying the rough and rustic burlap at the local garden center, and the more refined and soft burlap at the fabric store.  I used it to make burlap covered candles for favors, I used the burlap to make table cloths and runners, I made burlap bows for wreaths, and cut strips of burlap for the Christmas tree.   One thing to keep in mind is that burlap is biodegradable, earth friendly, and inexpensive.  It is perfect for a green wedding or green party.

Get out your sewing machine, glue gun, stamps, and markers and enjoy some of these burlap wedding ideas and DIY ideas. 
Burlap wedding
burlap wedding ideas
burlap wedding favor ideas
burlap wedding
burlap wedding candles
Burlap wedding chair decor
red and green candy buffet with burlap
Invitations with burlap ribbons
Burlap Wrapped Glass Candle Holders. 
A wedding tier cake with burlap ribbons around each tier. Photo of this burlap wedding idea is from  Brides.com
How cute are these little burlap favors.   What you put inside the burlap favor pouch is limitless.  And check out the cut utensil holder!
This red and green candy buffet with a burlap base we created for a country Christmas party