The Frost Ice Bar is exactly as it sounds, a bar made completely out of ice.  Everything from the sculptures, to the walls, to the chairs, the tables and even the glasses you drink out of.

Four of us went to Boston, MA on a Saturday night, scheduled our time for 9:15pm, and arrived 15 minutes early as suggested.  Some may be surprised to find that the ice bar sits on the 3 floor of a building in the historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace. 

Stepping out of the elevator, it felt like you were transported to a different world.  Everything was ice and metal themed.  Once you check in they gave our group a single drink pass with a barcode on it.  When you ordered drinks, they would add them to your personal tab (pass) and you would settle the bill upon exit. 

We were handed lightweight yet very warm and comfy parkas with hoods and thin black gloves to keep our hands warm while holding our ice glasses.  When it was our entry time they opened the doors and suggested most people stay 45 minute to an hour.  As we walked in they took pictures of our group for purchase at the end.

The interior of the bar itself is on the smaller side, but since guests generally didn’t stay for more than an hour, the bar was never full and for the most part we felt very comfortable.  We ordered our drinks from the bar, and found that all drinks were pre-mixed to keep from freezing.  There was a three (3) drink maximum and all drinks were priced at $11.  Overall the drinks were very tasty, different flavors with fun mixers like lavender syrup. 

Ice benches that were covered in fur to keep us warm is where we sat and enjoyed our cocktails.  As we walked around the room we viewed ice sculptures and saw various random things frozen into the ice and into the walls.  After an hour or so passed, we finished our cocktails and decided to head out.   Upon exiting the ice bar, you are encouraged to take your ice glass and smash it into a large trash bucket, which was a cool way to end the night. 

Also, as we left, we were offered the opportunity to purchase the picture snapped upon our arrival.  I don’t generally get behind the pictures at these types of events, but this one came out so well we had to have it.  At a steep $30 we found it a great souvenir for the night. 

We returned the gloves and parkas, paid the drink tab, and headed back into the equally chilly Boston air.  Overall the Frost Ice Bar, in Boston, MA, was a fun experience and recommend everyone go for the unique experience, at least once.  We plan to check it out again and cool down on a hot summer day.

Written and reviewed by our dynamic duo Brandon Caramiello & Shannon Calder–   Brandon is a food scientist for a large retail manufacturer and Shannon, also in the food and lifestyle industry, is a regular contributor to New England Fine Living. 

Please confirm hours of operation before heading out.

Open 7 days a week
Mon-Thurs 2pm-8pm
Fri-Sat 12pm-10pm
Sun 12pm-8pm

Frost is kept at 21 degrees F at all times.

Entry is every 15 min, you are required to purchase tickets for specific entry times.
Arrive 15 minutes early. 

Tickets include: entry and complimentary gloves and parka for use during your stay.
Tickets at peak hours are $15 and $12 off peak.
Dress warm.

The Frost Ice Bar...  a unique cocktail experience in the heart of Boston.