Grape Martini Recipe
A Grape Flavored Cocktail that tastes like Koolaid?  "Oh Yeah"! 
Here is a grape martini recipe that I created for a party, which was inspired by two things.  First the idea to create this grape martini was due to the amazing grape scent wafting in my yard.  We have  wild Concord grapes growing in our side yard, and on warm days, the scent of grape is very strong and pleasing. The second inspiration was a summer drink my mother used to make us (without the alcohol of course).  She would whip up a batch of grape Koolaid, then slice up some oranges and let it sit for a bit.  The combination of the two flavors was so refreshing.  It is hard to see from the photos and video, but this cocktail has a soft purple color to it.  Both men and women alike loved this cocktail.  So much that when we ran out, I found that a guest was making a whole new batch.  Note.... do not add the soda before shaking like my guest did or it will bubble out and over your martini shaker :-).  

What you will need is 
2 shots of vodka
1 shot of Grape Vodka
1 shot of Triple Sec

Shake the above items in a martini shaker and add to a glass that has a little fresh squeeze of orange juice. If you don't have a martini shaker, feel free to use a travel mug.... it works just as well. 

Pour your cocktail into your martini glass, then add a splash of Sprite (white grape juice can be substituted if you do not want soda).

Garnish with a fresh orange slice. 

Here is a video showing the steps on how to make this grape martini.  I hope you enjoy it!