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Decorating stairways, hallways and foyers

Painting your stair railing
New England Style Foyers & Entryways in Luxury Homes
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New England Kitchen ideas

Kim Macumber shows us her creative kitchen design ideas while using a blend of southern and New England style decorating using black, white, yellow, and red.  Read More

Luxury New England Kitchen Ideas
Decorating with Chalkboards 

Office Decorating Ideas - Working from home is a luxury, especially when they are decorated to represent your own style.

Interior design studios and home office

New England Style Bedroom Ideas

Nantucket style bedroom
Hanging a chandelier
Bedrooms with  Luxurious chandeliers. 
Luxury bedding


A Beach Theme Bathroom

Living in New England has a style of its own.

What is your personal design style?
Historic home tours through the Trustees Of The Reservation
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Cape Cod style home
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New England colors for your home
Rooms by color
Pink and green rooms
Tiffany blue rooms

What does your favorite color say about you.
Decorating your Home  with Black and White
Mirrors, crystal, and glass to decorate
Using Your Five Senses To Decorate
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