I am lucky to live in New England and view true New England homes  as part of my job.  I also enjoy living in a town which has the largest number of original antique homes, not only in New England, but in the United States.  With that said,  I would love to take a moment and share with you some of the New England style homes that we have in our area and what our New England Architecture looks like.  If you are looking for some New England decorating ideas, have fun going through my home, garden, and entertaining pages.  If you have an old home yourself or want to do more research, here is a link to some New England historical societies

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New England Style Home - Strawberry Banke
Note:  There are many things to think about when buying a New England style home or New England  antique home..

There might be state or federal grants and loans that could help with historic preservation.

When choosing a New England Style paint color for your home, keep in mind if you might have to go for approval in front of the historical commission or building committee to get your historical paint colors approved.  Know any restrictions and compliance before you purchase you paint to save yourself from wasting money.
A quick glance at the history of New England home styles and New England architecture.  Some of this information is from the book, Country Decorating by Creative Homeowner.

Early American Home - The New England Early American Home was built between 1640 to the early 1700's.  They were one story structures with rough timber framing, steep roofs, small casement windows and plank doors.

New England Cape Cod Style Home - The traditional yet modest style originated in Colonial America in the early 1700s. Small, economical, and practical, this residential style remains popular today.

New England Style Colonial Home - The New England Colonial was built in the early to mid 1700's.  They consisted of two or one-and-a-half stories.  They have steep gabled roofs or sloped saltbox roofs.  They have multipane double-hung windows, clapboard siding or brick and usually wrought-iron hardware.

New England Style Farmhouse - The earliest homes that we can call true farmhouses were those built by early colonial families of the 1700s. The owners would likely have built the homes themselves, as opposed to hiring an architect to do the job.

A New England Style Georgian Home- The New England Georgian came into play around 1740 to the 1790s.  They have low roof lines, symmetrical facades, paneled doors with pediments, sometimes porticoes, clapboard siding or brick. Georgian style homes also have bold neoclassical details such as heavy brackets, shutters, or arched Palladian-style windows.

A New England Style Federal Home - The New England Federal style home was built between 1790 to 1830.  This home has refined neoclassical ornamentation such as delicate carvings, medallions, and fanlights.  Tall windows, round, oval, or decorative windows are also found in Federal style homes. 

New England Style Greek Revival Home - A New England Greek Revival home was built 1820 - 1860.   Classic Greek temple forms such as columns and triangular pediments can be found over doorways. Dentils or Greek-key carved moldings finish off this home as do taller windows.

Gothic Revival Style Home-  From 1830 - 1875, the New England style Gothic Revival has tall sharp/peaked roof line, gables, turrets, gingerbread scroll work along the eaves, and windows with arches, and or diamond shaped panes.

Italiante Revival - The Italiante Revival style home was built in the 1840s to the 1890s.  Lower peaks or hipped roof, heavy brackets along over-hanging eaves, arched windows, wonderful porches, and carved stairways.

New England Style Queen Anne House- The details of the Queen Anne that was built between 1870 - 1910 have mixed window styles, mixed materials, decorative shingles, large porches, bay windows and rooms, multi-angled roof lines, and stained glass.

New England Style Colonial Revival Home - The New England colonial revival built from 1890 to today has a box like shape with a restrained neoclassical ornamentation, pediments, columns, pilasters, shutters and a symmetrical facade and possibly dormers.

New England Style Bungalow - 1890's to 1930s -  This home is typically one to one-and-a-half stories, low-overhanging roof, a full width front porch, dormers (wider) and a lot of natural materials are used such as stained wood.

The Different New England Style Homes
Here are what some of our New England homes look like and the decor that represents our New England style.
Nautical New England Home , Marblehead, MA
New England Style Home,  Marblehead MA
Old New England Red Barn, Strawberry Banke New Hampshire
Nantucket MA home, Cape style home
New England Style architecture
historic home, New England, Marblehead MA
This historical home, in Marblehead, Massachusetts, has touches of our coastal Nautical style. The whale over the door and lantern gives just a hint that it is located in a historic New England seaport community.
A classic New England picket fence surrounds this historic home in Marblehead, MA
An old red barn in historic Strawberry Banke, New Hampshire
A cute cape tucked on a side road in Nantucket, MA.  Love the simple lines of this classic New England fence style.
Architectural details at he entrance of a historic colonial home in Strawberry Banke, New Hampshire

New England Style Homes

Marblehead, Massachusetts