Silver Patron Margarita Recipe
Patron Margarita Recipe
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Silver Patron Margarita
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Silver Patron Margarita Recipe For A Party Or Entertaining
No matter what time of the year it is, I love to sip on a tasty margarita, and one of my all time favorites was sipped in St. John.  The photo above is the St. John Margarita, and the photos to the left are what I created for a client that did not want orange juice in the mix, but I did use Patron Citronage.

Here is the recipe for my client's party, but if you like, go ahead and muddle some oranges into your drink or add a splash of orange juice. No pre-made mix in this margarita recipe! 

For each serving.....

2 oz. Patron
1 oz. Patron Citronage
Juice of one fresh lime

If you want to sweeten your margarita recipe, add a touch of agave nectar, muddled oranges, or splash of orange juice

In a shaker full of ice mix all of your items together and shake no less than 12 times (okay if you do 11 I will forgive you), then pour over ice.  

In our household, I rub a fresh lime along the rim then dip into a dish of Kosher sea salt.