Preppy Beach Party

Fishing net used for tropical party decoration
stiped sign for a party
Pink and green tropical party
Pink and Green Paper Poms
pink and green paper poms over a table
Jimmy Buffet style party
A strive to give my client's exactly what they want, and when I was asked to create a birthday party to celebrate a 70th birthday party with a <breath> pink and green preppy, key lime, Florida, beach, Jimmy Buffet, tropical kinda theme for a dessert party, how could I say no? 

The goal was for her mother to walk into the house and be whisked away to a magical place where they could surprise her with a trip to Florida and a visit to her favorite tropical bar, The Key Lime Bistro. 

With cues from my client, I started to collect props, that to me represented all she wanted, and then some.
With some netting found at Michael's craft store, twinkle lights, and a sign I created (I will post a DIY to how I made the sign later), I made the entrance to the dining room stand out.  Nails were used on the top of the molding and the netting was just hung on the nails.  Easy right????
Ky Lime cupcake in a margarita glass
After the Key Lime cupcakes were put on their dishes to be enjoyed, I created a fresh margarita for them to pour during the night.  I pre-made it in a pitcher for them to shake over ice and pour into their glasses.  Here is the recipe - Patron Margarita Recipe
Favors for each guest was salt water taffy wrapped in fish type netting found at the craft store and tied shut with twine and each margarita glass had a glass fish charm added.

The cupcakes are a Key Lime cupcake from Sugar Bake Shoppe in Chelmsford, MA.  I placed the cupcakes right into the margarita glasses with lime green tissue paper and then embellished the glass with a candy lime slice.  Cute huh?
I also got a request to have paper poms in pink and green hanging in the room.  Just my luck that I had to make a ton of paper poms for a masquerade ball party just a few weeks before, so I now call myself a paper pom expert!   I will also be posting my tutorial on how to make these if you can't find the colors you are looking for in the party stores or online.