vineyard theme wedding
vineyard theme table setting
1. This vineyard theme wedding is showcasing a purple and green theme wedding with the bridesmaids and their flowers,
2. Love the vine and grape covered chandelier over this vineyard theme wedding table.   This look is also wonderful for a large gathering of friends for a wine theme dinner party. 
wine wedding theme - grape wedding theme
3. A wine theme or grape theme wedding is romantic and fun.  The photo with the old key grabbed my attention since I love collecting keys myself.  What a great way to use them! This grape themed wedding was found on
wine bottle torch craft project
4.  Are you crafty? This would be great for a wedding with a wine theme. Check out these wine bottle torches.  This is defiantly going in my wish list folder of things to try".  This photo was found on design sponge which also has the directions to this great wine bottle craft idea. - directions -
rustic vineyard wedding theme
5.  A rustic vineyard wedding. Let textures and colors guide you. 
This rustic vineyard wedding was found on

wine cork centerpiece
6.  Your wine or vineyard theme wedding does not have to scream wine bottles and grapes.  Note the corks surrounding the candle as the centerpiece.   If you would like to see some more wine cork crafts, I have created a whole page for that.  Ths wine theme centerpiece was found on
Vineyard Wedding - Wine Wedding Theme - Tuscan Style Wedding