brooch bridal bouquet | blue vintage pins in floral bouquet
vintage pin wedding bouquet
White and silver brooch bridal bouquet | vintage pins in a floral wedding bouquet
Vintage pin floral bouquet
The use of vintage pins in a wedding bouquet or floral bouquet is a beautiful way to add a personal touch to a wedding or wedding party.  Collect vintage pins from relatives, or find vintage pins at local thrift stores and yard sales can you imagine the fun you could have creating your own floral bouquet using vintage pins?  I think I have just found one of my next craft projects.
The blue vintage brooch bridal bouquet is an amazing pop of color.  I can tell you right now I will be out collecting  this color vintage pins and many other colors to make bouquets starting yesterday!  So perfect for a blue themed wedding.
Off white and silver gray vintage pins adorn this wedding bouquet.  I could see this vintage pin bouquet used in a winter wedding or a Hollywood glam wedding.
The vintage pins or vintage brooches in this floral bouquet remind me of many of the vintage pins and earrings I already have in my personal jewelry collection that have been handed down to me from my grandmothers. 
This photo collection of vintage pins used in wedding bouquets might be the simplest of the photos. The wedding bouquet or floral arrangement is mostly silk flowers with a vintage pin or vintage earring placed in the center of each flower. 
vintage brooches in a bridal bouquet
The photo of this vintage brooch and bridal bouquet also has a touch of tulle adorning the weddign bouquet. Simply romantic.
Pink vintage brooch bridal bouquet
A vintage pink brooch bridal bouquet is perfect for a pink themed wedding.  This vintage pin wedding bouquet just says romantic and fun if you ask me.
Wedding Bridal Bouquets Made Out Of Vintage Pins