This granny smith apple wedding theme inspiration board was found on  Notice, what I assume are, green apple martinis on a piece of glass or plexiglass on top of the apples.  What a great display idea for serving drinks at your next party or event. 
green apple themed party
Centerpiece with Green Apples
Here is a centerpiece made with white flowers and green apples. What a fun and festive centerpiece for a party or wedding.  The oversized martini glass centerpiece ties in the green martini being served.  photo found on
green, black, white, green apple wedding photos
Apple topiaries set off the ends of this wedding table nicely.  It looks like green, white, and black was the color theme for this wedding.  If you like the look of the paper lanterns strung over the party tables, I have highlight the link for you to check out a vendor.  This apple green wedding photo was found on
apple green and white wedding
This apple green wedding idea board was found on .  I love how the apple green martini has a stem (not sure what the item is) has been added to the drink.   The centerpiece has green leaves and green apples, and the place cards are attached to green apples.