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Photo of chalkboard paint used on a door from Country Living Magazine
Photo of door with chalkboard paint used on the panels from Domino Magazine
Photo of kitchen door with chalkboard paint from Windsor Collection
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These chalkboards on kitchen doors are a fantastic way to remember grocery items, make a quick note of who called on the phone, or even an appointment. 
I love this old picture frame turned chalkboard.  This one was created with magnetic chalkboard paint.
This chalkboard wall in a hallway has been accented with a floor light.  How
creative!  My wall would say buy - shoes... shoes.... shoes.  hand bag... shoes!
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Read poems, inspirational quotes, a note from a loved one from your own chalkboard in the bathroom.  Just no splashing. 
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This chalkboard, in an office area, is a perfect way to keep track of apointments and fun events.
A chalkboard using chalkboard magnetic paint allows this little girl the ability to not only draw, but play with her magnets.
Image from Pottery Barn
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Photo found on Shelter

Using chalk paint on these sneakers is such a cute idea.  My kids used to use permanent marker all over theirs.  This would have given them so many more options.
photo from dollar store
Chalkboard Paint Tips from Benjamin Moore

Create a fun, functional chalkboard in any room of your home with paint that is erasable, washable, and durable enough to stand up to lots of little hands.

With products like our Studio Finishes® Chalkboard (307) paint, you can turn any rectangular area into scribble space.

Step 1 - Prepare Surfaces

Once you have selected the wall(s) for your chalkboard, clean the surface completely and repair any protruding nails or other imperfections.

Step 2 - Tape Off Your Chalkboard

Use masking tape to mark off a rectangular space for your chalkboard, and apply Studio Finishes Chalkboard (307) paint within the taped-off area.

Step 3 - Framing

Use decorative molding or a colorful painted border to give your chalkboard space an extra personal touch. Remember to include a ledge for chalk and erasers.

Helpful Hints

   * In children's rooms, be sure to make your chalkboard low and large enough so that younger children can reach and have ample space.
   * In your office or study, paint a chalkboard calendar with squares for dates. Then update your schedule with a swipe of the eraser.
   * Try a chalkboard in the kitchen for shopping lists, phone messages, and easy recipe reference.
Photo from The Wool Acorn
Photo from Country Living
Chalkboard paint, used inside of these baking pans, creates unique signs in a kitchen or cafe.
Chalkboards in the kitchen or home can add a touch of nostalgia of years gone by
Looking for some chalkboard craft projects or ideas for adding a  chalkboard somewhere in your home?  Here are photos and information to inspire you.