Healthy NO Carb Egg Muffin Recipe - So EASY!
Here is a wonderful quick and easy egg muffin recipe to either help you with your losing weight efforts or if you just want to have a healthy breakfast or snack during the day. 

The main ingredient here is the the egg substitute, but feel free to use fresh eggs (with or without some fat free half and half). 

A favorite meat such as ham, bacon, or turkey can be used.  Get creative.  Use whatever you want that is low in fat.

Veggies.. Today I used peppers since I had them in my freezer, but you can use spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, etc.

Cheese - A low fat cheese that is shredded

Seasoning -  I used several dried herbs from my pantry that I felt would taste delicious with this meal.  An herb salt substitute would work well here and some pepper.
I did look for the small package of pre-chopped ham, but I purchased these mini ham medallions instead.  They are a little higher in sodium, but the taste... M m m!   After dicing the ham, I sprinkled them into mini muffin pans that were prepared with a non-stick spray.   If you do not want to use any meat, start this recipe with your vegetables.
Then add your veggies.
Then add your cheese
Sprinkle in your herbs (you can mix them right into your eggs, but I was lazy and sprinkled them into the pan then poured my egg substitute to the top of the tin.

Place your muffin tin onto a cookie sheet to catch any overflow
Bake at 350 degrees in a pre-heated oven.  Bake until egg muffins rise, lightly golden brown, and are firm to the touch.