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enchanted forest wedding ideas
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enchanted forest wedding dress
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Birds Nests used as centerpieces, tree bark and branches also set the tone on the table.   Style Me Pretty
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enchanted forest  wedding ideas
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An enchanted forest wedding  or party theme creates a magical atmosphere for a birthday celebration. While this theme is especially nice for a little girl's birthday party, it can also be modified to use for boys or adults. Finishing off the enchanted party with a themed cake creates a sweet ending to the celebration. Try your hand at creating one of these imaginative forest-themed cakes to make your next birthday occasion unforgettable.

Forest Cake. - Tree Stump

A tree stump surrounded by flowers and woodland creatures is one simple idea for an enchanted forest party. Three or four round cakes stacked on top of one another create the main part of the stump. Vary the cake sizes to create a graduated look to the stump. For example, you might use a 12-inch, an 11-inch, and a 10-inch cake for the stump. Spread a layer of frosting between each layer to hold the cakes together. Use a serrated knife to trim the layers to create a smooth transition from one to the next. Rice cereal treats work well to create roots at the base of the cake. Cover the cake with brown fondant or frosting. Use a lighter shade of icing on the top to represent the inside of the tree. Add piped icing flowers around the base of the stump. Add plastic animal toys of woodland creatures to finish off the cake design.

Mushroom cake

A mushroom cake can be a whimsical part of an enchanted forest theme. Just a few extra touches turn the mushroom into a fairy house. Stack two or three round cakes for the stem of the mushroom. Ice the stem in white frosting. Cut out doors and windows from fondant and press them into the icing. Add a dome-shaped cake on top of the mushroom stem for the mushroom cap. You can purchase a specialty dome cake pan or use an oven-safe glass bowl. For the most realistic look, the dome cake should slightly overhang the round base cakes. Ice the dome cake in red or another color to match the party theme. Add icing polka dots to the frosting. Fairy figures or paper cut-outs near the mushroom house complete the design.

Waterfall cake

Waterfalls are a beautiful part of an enchanted forest theme and are easy to recreate in cake. Stack three round cakes of varying sizes, adding a layer of frosting between each cake. Carve a rounded wedge shape out of one side of the cakes for the waterfall. Ice the waterfall area with blue frosting. Use green icing for the rest of the cake. Edible rocks made from fondant work well in and around the waterfall area of the cake. Add a few flowers, trees and plastic animals around the waterfall for decorative touches.

Forest Scene cake

A sheet cake takes on personality when transformed into a forest scene. Ice the cake with green frosting to represent greenery in the forest. You can also use brown frosting topped with crushed chocolate cookies to represent dirt on the forest floor. Add a blue area for a pond within the enchanted forest. Mold trees out of fondant and scatter over cake to give a three-dimensional aspect to the design. Add fondant rocks and plastic animals around the forest to complete the scene.

Article from ehow.com

A magical enchanted forest party is a delightful way to celebrate. Creating an enchanted forest takes a lot of supplies, time and work, but the turnout is well worth the effort. Hold the party outdoors, in a garden or yard surrounded by trees, if possible. If outside is not an option, decorations and lighting can set a woodland scene indoors. Plan magical forest foods, decorations and activities that will render your guests enchanted.

     Create magical enchanted forest invitations. Take a photo and print onto postcards. Fill in the party information on the opposite side of the card.
     Create an outdoor scene for indoor parties. Paint a mural of a forest on a large roll of paper or poster boards. Include trees, toadstools, fairies, elves, frogs, insects and flowers. Tape it to the walls.
     Gather branches, plants and artificial Christmas greenery to enhance your party setting. Add twinkling lights to the branches and trees.

     Create a magical enchanted forest entryway. Line a path with flameless candles leading to the party entrance. Set up a garden arch decorated with twinkling lights for guests to pass under to enter the party. Sprinkle guests with fairy dust made up of confetti as they arrive.
     Use a bubble machine to pump magical bubbles into your party.
     Place a magical amulet around the neck of each guest. Make the necklace from jewelry cord and jewel-type beads found in the craft store. Send them on a magical quest through the enchanted forest. Create a scavenger hunt with clues to the location of previously hidden "magic rocks." Use garden rocks and have the guests paint them with glitter paint once they have found them.

     Serve magical forest food such as elf cookies (store-bought), star-shaped sandwiches (cut with a cookie cutter), mushroom caps (English muffin pizzas), toadstool cupcakes (overfill cupcake pans with batter so the tops "mushroom" over when baked) and log cake (jellyroll cake frosted in chocolate).

     Purchase small, beaded, organza bags from the craft store. Fill with pixie sticks, stickers and bubbles. Send guests home with these favors as well as with their wands, painted rocks and magic amulet necklaces.

Enchanted Forest Wedding Dress, isn't this beautiful for a magical New England wedding idea
Can't have your wedding party outside?  No problem.
Bring your enchanted wedding indoors with a lot of trees and lights.
A forest party can be as simple has hanging lights from branches and some natural decorations.
This would be beautiful for an enchanted forest cocktail party or wedding reception. Tree branches used at the centerpieces, candles, and crystal.
In this photo of an enchanted forest wedding, candles in mason jars, candles hanging from trees, natural products, all enhance an enchanted forest wedding theme.
enchanted forest centerpiece and table setting
I love how they used actual cut trees as charger plates. I used cut tree chargers, as levels, for bird houses on a centerpiece for a client.  This enchanted forest party theme is very creative.  Photo is from David Tuterra's My Fair Wedding
enchanted forest wedding cake
A trend that I found, through my internet searching, is the “Enchanted Forest” wedding theme.  This is a theme that is close to my own heart because over 15 years ago, I created an enchanted forest for a children's expo that I promoted. I had trees brought in from a local nursery, paths were created, woodland animals were added, but for a wedding, nothing says romance more than beautiful flowing wedding dresses, tall trees full of twinkling lights and birds perched tucked into the branches, rich earthy tones such as greens, browns, and creams. After enjoying this page, don't forget to visit my other party decor and decorating pages.

Katie, a blogger for Wedding Paper Divas, says that the key to achieving this Enchanted Forest look is to keep everything soft and rustic, with understated hues and a blend of earthy branches, leaves and blooms punctuated by the heavenly glow of outdoor chandeliers.

Enchanted Forest Wedding Theme