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I have a little fairy tucked away and hidden in each room at home, so I throughly enjoyed finding these fairy / fairie themed wedding ideas and party ideas for you on the web. 
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Article By:  Rachel Hurt, eHow Contributor

There are different ways to do a fairy wedding, from over the top to simple and elegant. A fairy-themed wedding will create a definite ethereal feel, full of magic and possibility. One of the most important parts of the process is choosing the dresses and hairstyles for your bridesmaids and flower girls.


   Create a Fairy-like Atmosphere

       Choose a location. A fairy wedding should take place outdoors. Try to find a place among beautiful trees and flowers. A clearing with a castle or a gothic building in the background would work also.
       Decorate with fairies in mind. Fairies are delicate, magical and earthy beings. Your wedding color palette should be close to nature but with feminine tones. Choose colors like sage and spring greens with deep purple, lavender and oatmeal accents. Use lots of flowers, hanging vines and tiny twinkling white lights.

       For the paper products, invitiations, brochures and place cards, use handmade or recycled paper. Choose neutral earthy colors like oatmeal and off-white tones. Choose a beautiful swirled font or have calligraphy done.

   Create a Fairy Bridal Party

       Choose a bridesmaids dress style that is flattering on almost every body shape. Make sure it is a long loose gown. Your fairy maids should wear dresses with delicate details and a hemline that goes all the way or very near to the floor. Stay in a natural color palette with peach, rose, light yellow, lavender or any kind of green.

       Mulitiple flower girls are a must. Your flower girls should look like fairy children so choose a beautiful rich color for their dresses. Keep them long like the bridesmaids, or since they are child fairies, it is fine to have knee-length dresses. Choose a sheer fabric with many gossamer layers. Find little dark brown branch or twig baskets and fill them with flower petals.

       Choose your gown. Remember that you are the queen of all fairies. Only you can choose your perfect wedding gown but try to dress accordingly. Wear your hair down and flowing, with a wreath of flowers and a long veil pinned in the back. Carry a bouquet of your favorite flowers arranged to look they have just been picked.

       Make custom flower garlands for your bridesmaids and flower girls. This halo of flowers will give them a natural fairy look

Fairy Wedding Decorating Ideas From fairy gardens .com

Lots of layers of tulle or yards of draping tricot nylon . You can order bolts of sheer fabric, all different colors with lots of tiny white Christmas lights beneath the fabrics. Be sure to get the lights strung onto white cord, vs. the dark green (unless you will be using dark fabrics over them.

You want the lightest denier possible, which will give you a very sheer draping fabric. Look under the Lingerie section. This fabric is $1.95 a yard and is 102 inches wide. Since it is an interlocking nylon weave, you don't have to sew the edges to keep them from fraying, just cut and it's ready to use. The lights look beautiful under this fabric.

Use arrangements of fruits and/or vegetables on the tables as decorations. Fairies are said to be attracted to all sorts of plants and help with their care. Bird ornaments are also nice. It is said some fairies ride birds like we ride horses.

Below are some suggestions on flowers, colors, etc. Do not limit yourself to this list. You can look at birth month gem stone charts and locally available garden flowers and the supermarket for in season ideas for colors and materials.

Rubber stamps, of dragonflies and fairies, can be used to stamp your patterns on fabrics, wedding invitations, napkins, etc. Also- Fairy figurine ornaments could be used for arrangements and hanging about the layers of fabrics. Flowers, in pots, could use a grouping of three and put on the tabletops. Use large floral or satin ribbons to hide the pots. If the guests don't take these home, the married couple can use these to decorate their new yard or apartment. Group candles around them. I take any sort of candle and place it in a plastic bag that I have put the finest grit glitter I can find. It is like a powder and I get it at fabric stores in the craft section. They come iridescent with hues of various shades, like lavender, pink, yellow, or just diamond. I shake the candles around, in the bag, and the sparkle sticks to it. You don’t need any glue. These candles add a magical touch.


Gather flowers, leaves and press in phone books for at least a month. Glue these onto the front of the cards that have your wedding invitation. Arrange them into pretty bouquets. You might even incorporate feathers into the design.

Use fairy rubber stamps and use your wedding colors to color them in for the front of your cards.


Use brilliant fall colors- oranges, reds, purples, gold. Autumn flowers would be asters, dahlias, mums, gladiolas and vegetable matter would be plums, apples, squashes, and pumpkins. If using these darker colors, the little Christmas lights can be strung on the green electric cording and you can use yellow and orange lights under the fabrics for a warm, cozy glow. Autumn leaves and branches as part of the decorations and in the bridal bouquet and perhaps hair wreaths for the bride’s maids.


Light pastel blue, white and silver color scheme will tickle any fairies fancy. Bring in thoughts of ice and frost. Clear or sand blasted glass. Mirrors. Star ornaments. Bells to ring as the couple leaves and to decorate on the tables. People can be asked to bring their own bells in silver or glass to ring. It is a neat conversation starter as people look at each other’s bells. Bare branches sprayed with a light adhesive and sprinkled with glitter. Organza sheer ribbons. Candles and dim lights to represent the darker days of winter.


This type of wedding might include colors of pale yellow, greens and pinks. Flowers for spring would be primroses, narcissus, tiny yellow daffodils, crocuses, forget-me-nots. Willow branches (curly willow is very striking). One spring wedding I helped with was on May day and had a May Pole. I painted the pole one of the wedding colors and stapled lengths of ribbon to the may pole for the weaving dance. To place at the top of the pole I made a silk and ribbon floral arrangement. During the reception I had little girls pass out ink pens, in the wedding colors, to all the guests along with rectangular pieces of paper in the wedding colors. Guests were asked to write words of wisdom or comments and wishes for the bride and groom. They were to them tie them onto the Maypole ribbons before the dance. The pole was then placed in the couple’s bedroom and they were told they could read one slip a day. A different slant to this is to have a large heart shaped box, decorated in the wedding colors, and have the guest put their written messages in the box. The box would be placed in the bedroom and a message a day could be read by the couple. Some thoughts were very funny and sometimes helped lighten any tensions of the day.


Bright primary colors like red, blue, green or colors that imitate the fresh flowers, fruits and veggies of the season-roses, melons, lemons, lettuces, strawberries, raspberries. Think bumblebees, butterflies, dragon flies, ladybugs. Squares of fabrics for the tables that are the same length as wide (if fabric is 35" wide then 35" long) and set as a diamond on the table under your arrangement. The fabrics would reflect the flowers of the season and could be a different fabric for each table. It is a great way to make people wander to touch and see what how all the different tables are individually decorated. It will encourage meeting neighbors before unmet and perhaps stimulate some conversation.
Ever since I was a little girl, I had a passion for faires. Not the cute flower fairy types you see at a lot of gift shops, but the magical enchanted looking ones that bring fantasy to life.  I have a fairy hidden in every room of my house.  You have to look really hard to find them, but trust me, they are there.  This page of fairy wedding ideas was created for you to help inspire your magical fairy wedding.  Please enjoy the photos and articles I found for you on the web.