glow stick glowing drinks party ideas
Create a glowing look at your next party by using glow sticks and glow straws in your drinks.  You can either use colored drinks or let the glow stick create the glow of color.  Photo found on Johnnyroger123.blogspot.com
glowing party ideas , glowing cotton candy
Create glowing cotton candy by using glow sticks as the base.  This photo was found on pinterest, but the link was broken and I am unable to give credit to where this came from and the photographers name is too small to view.  If anyone knows who created this fun party idea, please let us know. 
glowing eggs using glow sticks
Have an Easter Egg hunt at night with these glowing eggs.  Just place glow necklaces or glow bracelets inside with the candy and let the party begin! 
party ideas using glow sticks alien
I created this alien head for an alien themed masquerade party and it was a hit!  A wig foam head painted with neon green, eyes painted black then filled with glitter (the glitter was awesome with the flickering candles) and glow necklaces were used around the necks and on the tables.  Each guest also got a glow bracelet when they got to the party.  
glowing martini glow stick party ideas
This photo of a glowing martini was found on grimvisions.com.  The drink reminds me of the blue party drink I created for a client using blue curacao, vodka, white cranberry juice, and lemon juice.  Delicious!!!!! 
Looking for ideas for using glow sticks for your party or wedding?  Here are a few ideas for you.  I have personally used glow sticks for a lot of events for myself and for clients.  It is so much fun and guests love them!  Here are some more party and entertaining ideas if this page is not what you are looking for. 
glow stick favors for a party or wedding
Glow sticks used as party favors creates a wonderful and fun glow in the evening or when the lights are turned down low.  Photo of glow stick party favors found on Glamour.com