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Revive the Days of Old Hollywood Glamour with these Hollywood Glam Wedding Ideas

Take a cue from the '40s and '50s for a reception with style
Vintage glamour party and wedding information - Jen Whitten

Brides wishing to take a cue from an elegant time can turn their attention to the romance of the 1940s and 1950s for their wedding, when celebrity was very different than it is today. If you always dreamed of being a starlet on your special day, consider an Old Hollywood glamour wedding reception. This is one theme well worth your consideration.
Hollywood Glamour Basics

While planning your Hollywood glamour wedding reception, it is tempting to take planning cues from modern Hollywood, but instead, stick to the elegant and ritzy ways of Hollywood from days past. The idea is to create your fantasy from the days of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, not from the tabloids. Stick to a base color scheme of black and white, but add red, pink or gold sparingly for effect. Although less common, delicate shades of powder blue and rich navy can create a striking effect reminiscent of swanky banquet scenes from classic movies.
Hollywood Glamour Decorations

Be willing to take risks with your glam and vintage style wedding decorations to achieve the perfect Old Hollywood glamour feel for your reception. Use black or white linens for your tables, and cover chairs in shimmery fabric of the same color to transform the standard into glamorous. To set the stage for your guests' experience from the moment they arrive, create a red carpet for the entrance and ask your photographer to snap pictures. Use colored lighting in red, pink or blue to change the tone of the room and to enhance your accent color for a dramatic effect against the sea of black and white tables. Remember that Hollywood does not do anything halfway, so consider even the smallest details, including what silverware goes best with your lighting.
Hollywood Glamour Tables

A glamorous wedding reception must have carefully constructed tablescapes. Use a silver charger under black plates. Create Hollywood appeal with black vases filled with white and red roses. Add glitz with black feathers and glittery beaded stems. Consider using a mirror under a grouping of white and silver candles to reflect the warm glow of the flames. Tiny details are important, so remember that every item on the table must be true to the theme. If providing a menu at each place setting, look for a classically elegant font.

Hollywood Glamour Favors

Give your wedding guests a glamorous piece of Hollywood to take with them. Choose Champagne bottle-shaped bubbles or a mock diamond keychain for a first-class gift. Movie clapboard candles serve double duty by adding a level of depth to your guest tables while giving each guest an aromatic reminder of your wedding long after you return from the honeymoon. For edible favors, fill martini glasses with foil-wrapped chocolates or black and white jellybeans.

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