A Simple Pleasure In The Form Of A Moon Garden.created with all white flowers and greenery that reflects the glow of the moon. 

A night time garden is simply stunning.

Over the course of many years, I have planted a New England style moon garden at each and every home I have owned.  Now in my fourth home, I have started transplanting flowers I purchased late last summer or split and saved from my old home.  What I love about this type of garden is that it not only allows me to enjoy it during the day, but in the evening as well.  While making a purchase at one of my local garden centers, and talking to the cashier about my new project, I was taken by surprise that this short conversation spurred the excitement of the three women who were standing behind me in line.   Each of them was pushing their own cart full of new Spring flowers, but none of them had ever heard of a moon garden or its concept and they asked me more about it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term or planting project… A moon garden is simply a garden of plants that shines and reflects off the light of the moon or another source of artificial light in the evening hours.   Another treat is that some of the evening flowers planted, only open at night offering their sweet scent and nectar to certain evening pollinators to.

The selected space, for my new moon garden, is going to be in my front walkway under my lamppost.  I will not only be able to enjoy it entering my home, but from my front porch as well.  Space is limited in this garden, but so far I have planted white iris, white phlox, hosta with white variegated leaves, and white pansies.  Soon to be added, will be some white impatiens, evening stalk, lambs ear, and as the finishing touch, all of my moon gardens have a fairy hidden within.  Adding gazing balls, benches, and other garden accessories will personalize your moon garden even further.

Don’t have a space for a moon garden?  Why not create one in a planter or flower boxes?
Some night blooming plants in various colors:

Evening Primrose – this pinkish-white flower releases a sweet aroma and opens at dusk making it perfect for a night blooming garden. A great perennial if you want a quick spreading plant.

Evening Stock – Not the prettiest flower out there, but when they open at night they release a heavenly scent. 

The Moonflower – Somewhat like the morning glory, but larger (usually 5 – 6” in diameter) the moonflower only blooms at night offering a soft lemony scent. 

Night Phlox – If you like the scent of vanilla, the night phlox is one to try out.

Night Gladiolus – This flower is open day and evening, but it seems to give off it’s stronger spicy scent in the evening.

Angel Trumpet – This vine offers a white trumpet shaped flower.  It spreads and can take over, so think about your garden space before adding this plant.

Some other night time blooming fragrant flowers include night blooming jasmine, flowering tobacco, and night blooming jasmine.

moon garden flowers and ideas
Creating an all white Moon Garden - Here are a few flower suggestions for a night blooming garden that does well in New England
flowering tobacco plant
lambs ears
night blooming jasmine
evening jasmine
white impatients
white pansey
Moonflower - wonderful flower to use in a moon garden
Moon Garden Flower Night Blooming Jasmine
Trumpet Vine
Lambs Ear
Pansey - Beautiful  in sunlight and moonlight
Flowering Tobacco
Evening Jasmine great and fragrant to plant in a moon garden
Moon Garden
Lilly of the Valley - moon garden
phlox in moon garden
Iris in Moon Garden
Even though this dandelion was on the edge of my moon garden, I could not pluck it.