Non Floral Centerpieces

non floral centerpiece ideas
Even though I have worked with and helped some incredible floral designers in New England, I am not a florist, so I love to come up with creative everlasting or almost everlasting centerpieces and let the experts create the floral centerpieces. I love fruit centerpieces too like a Strawberry Tree.  Below are photos I have found for you on the web from some fabulous designers and party planners.  Credit is given for the photos that we know who designed the products.  And yes, some show a flower or two, but I think you can do it! :-)
centerpiece with stones and water
Stones, water, and one single flower with a ribbon wrabbed vessel makes this a charming and easy centerpiece by Rachel Events
Granny Smith apples and a few flowers are tucked into the container.  Lemon leaves or other greenery can hide the interior base product. - Rachel Events
apple centerpiece
fether centerpiece
This photo inspired a feather centerpiece I did for a masquerade ball with black feathers and peacock feathers as the centerpice. 
orange centerpiece
A centerpiece using moss, oranges or lemons by Rachel Events
Fish centerpieces
A fish centerpiece at your party or wedding will intrique most of your guests. 
Lime centerpiece
I love this idea for entertaining. In a elegant glass container, place full and sliced limes in water. Great for a New Engalnd style brunch or morning reception
candle centerpice
Wonderfully simple non-floral centerpiece.  Glass votives and wrapped by a ribbon placed on a mirror. photo from wedding
Birch limbs as a centerpice brings a bit of rustic with the elegant table setting pieces.
wheat and grass centerpiece
Sand and shell centerpiece
Dried grasses with the base stems, twisted then tied with a ribbon (you would want to use an elastic band or tie under the ribbon) photo from Martha Stewart
Great centerpiece for a New England beach theme event or wedding. Sand, shells, and a hydrangea
Are you looking for centerpieces that use little or no flowers?  Here are a few ideas for you.
Candy Cane Vase
This is a candy cane vase we made for a client's Christmas Party, but you could adapt this into a centerpiece.