Pink and Black Wedding - Pink and Black Party Ideas

pink and black party ideas
pink and black cocktail party
pink and black wedding
black and pink dress with black mask
black and pink wedding table
Hot Pink Flowers set off this black, pink, and crystal table setting
Pink and Black Wedding Theme,  Black and Pink Party Ideas, Pink and Black Dresses, Pink and Black Centerpieces, and Pink and Black Table Decor - Black and Pink Party Tables
hot pink and black wedding ideas
fushcia and black wedding
Entertaining with a pink-and-black party idea theme is sophisticated, yet playful. Pink flowers, sweet raspberry cocktails and stylish black attire are just a few elements that make this party theme a success.

Food and Beverage ideas in pink and black
Integrate the food and drink into the party theme by serving items in these colors. Design a cupcake tower using black baker’s cups and strawberry frosting with black sprinkles. Also, set up a candy buffet using clear glass apothecary jars filled with pink sweets like gumdrops, bubblegum, cotton candy balls, pink marshmallows and taffy. Mix black licorice with the pink candy. Include pink ribbon spools next to the clear treat bags to provide an additional touch of color. provides recipes for pink food items, including a pink party salad with cherry pie filling and marshmallows.

Serve large bowls of sparkling pink lemonade, or offer a clear soda and add ice cubes of pink lemonade. If the party has attendees of drinking age, serve pink alcoholic drinks like Cosmopolitans. The Pink Drink Book recommends additional cocktails including a “Rasmopolitan” and a “Raspberry Flirtini.” Cut off both ends of long black licorice pieces for guests to use as straws.

Pink and Black Dress Code for a party
Enforce a dress code for your guests to enhance the party’s color scheme. On the invitation, specify pink and black options for women that may include a traditional black cocktail dress or a pink polka-dot blouse with a black skirt. Men can wear a black or pink polo with black slacks. Or, they could sport a black dress shirt with a pink tie.

Pink and Black Wedding or Party Decorations
Decorate tables with black and pink tablecloths. Experiment with patterns of the tablecloth as well: black-and-white striped tablecloths or ones in patterns like damask and toile add an elegant touch to the tables. On every table include a bouquet of pink flowers like roses, gerbera daisies or tulips and showcase them in a black container. Hang pink paper poms above the food station to add height and depth to the display. You can also cut pink flowers from the stems and place them along the plates of food.

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black and pink wedding ideas
black and pink reception table
black white pink party table
This round table covered with a black table cloth is accented with a simple pink runner.  Photo of theis black and pink table setting is from Party Warehouse