Place Card and Escort Card Ideas

Place Card Ideas For A Party - DIY Place Card Holders -  Decorative Escort Cards For A Wedding
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Placecards and escort cards are placed at each place setting at a party or wedding, to ensure guests sit in the correct seats. They are only required if you have assigned guests to seats (not tables). If you are using tent-fold cards, write the guest’s name on both sides so that other guests on the table can also read it.

Usually place card names will be in the format “Mr John Smith”, but you can use “John Smith” or “Mr J. Smith” depending on the level of formality you feel happy with. Using just the first name is obviously not recommended if there is more than one person with the same first name. Guest names can also be written on personalized favors or menus instead of using place cards.

Place cards can be bought from wedding suppliers and some stationery suppliers. You can make it a DIY wedding project and  write them by hand yourself, employ a calligrapher to do it for you or print them on the computer. Information from Perfect Table
Looking for some escort card holder ideas, place card holders, and unique ways to place name cards at a table?  Here are some ideas great for a wedding or a party
apple place card holders
Green Apple Place Card Setting.  These green apple escort cards would be perfect if you are hosting a green apple theme wedding or party.
Artichoke Place Card Holder
place card holder ideas
Place card holder found on Martha
Pear Place Card Holder Ideas
There are so many different ways to let your wedding or party guests know where to sit.  Above are some photos of place card holders and escort cards that I found on Martha, and Traditional Home Magazine.  What a nice touch to your special occassion.