My attempt at making these strawberry Santa appetizers, with a homemade cream cheese frosting, were delicious, but the hats kept sliding off, even when I chilled the santas.  I am not sure if scooping a little out of the hat will fix the sliding Santa hat problem, but, I had about 20 kids here while I was making them and I never had a chance to try it.  They kept popping the Strawberry Santa's in their mouths!  (I had had to electronically add the eyes and buttons for this post, but had chocolate and a piping tip ready)  With that said, they LOVED the flavor (cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla).  I used:

1 12 oz container of cream cheese
5 cups (yes OMG... 5 cups of powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla. 

Slowly add the sugar to the softened cream cheese then the vanilla.  Chill a bit to firm up the mixture then place in a pastry bag with star tip.

Check out these cute party appetizers,made with strawberries, to look like Santa Claus.  The perfect touch for your Christmas buffet.
Entertain your guests with these Santa Claus Strawberry Desserts
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Put your pastry bag inside of a glass container and roll over the edge.  This makes filling the bag so much easier!
I cut the top and the bottom off of the strawberry. Save the bottom for your hat.  Some recipes show the bottom uncut, but they tip over. 
Create your first layer of filling by swirling over the whole top then bringing some down on the front for the beard.
Then add another thin layer then a rounded layer on top of that. (this photo does not show the thinner layer sorry,  I figured that technique out after this one and did not photograph it. But the second layer helps make a little mouth area if you want to do that step.
Try hollowing out the inside of the hat to help it stay in place on the filling.  I did mine flat and they kept sliding off :-o. 
Add a little filling to the top for a pom pom. 
Place in the fridge to firm up the cream cheese mixture. After it is firm, this is when you can add eyes.  Some use sesame seeds, I had melted dark chocolate and dipped a toothpick in it and dabbed it on the chilled filling.  You can also use a writing tip on your pastry bag or there are some food color products you can find at your local craft stores. When I made these, they still had Halloween products out and they had black frosting that would work too.