Trace a lampshade pattern, that will fit your glass, onto a sheet of vellum.  There are patterns on line, or you can find a small lamp shade, try the size, then take it apart for a custom pattern.

1. Cut the straight ends and the inner curve using plain scissors with decorative blades.

2. Punch designs about 1″ from the lower edge, spacing the designs evenly.

3. Apply a thin line of glue (a glue pen works well for this) to one straight end. Lap the other end over the glued end, forming the shade.

4. Secure the votive candle and set the lampshade atop a wine glass (some sites even suggest using some sand in the bottom of the glass then place the candle in the sand)


   * 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of vellum (one per lamp) - Vellum can be purchased at craft stores.

   * scissors
   * scissors with decorative blades (your choice!)
   * decorative paper punch in desired shape
   * glue pen
   * wine glass
   * tealight or battery operated tea light
   * candle putty (floral clay)

wine glass lamp shades
Wine Glass Lamp Shades
Make Wine Glass Lamp Shades
wine glass lampshade craft
Vellum Lampshade on wine glasses adorned with beads.  You can individualize your wine glasses to work with the table theme.
Wine Glass Lamp Shades
These vellum lampshades, on wine glasses, add a real touch of elegance and ambiance to the table.  You can mix and match the size of the wine glasses and lampshades to produce different heights. Have an odd collection of wine glasses due to breakage?  This project would be a perfect use of them.