Wine cork napkin rings - Drill a hole in the center of the wine cork (careful of your fingers!), thread pretty ribbon through the hole in the wine cork and tie behind the ribbon.  For an added touch you can draw on or rub on letters, pictures, or add some 3D items like gems or charms..

This wreath made with wine corks has a few faux grapes tucked into the edge.  Depending on what you add to your wine cork wreath, the look can go from simple country to elegant. 

Making Wine Cork Place Card Holders -  While being careful with a sharp knife, slice off part of the wine cork's curve so that the cork sits flat, then slice a line within the top of the wine cork to add name card.

For more (non-wine cork) place card holder ideas, click non- wine cork place card holder ideas

Another version of the wine cork place card holder is gluing and wrapping wine corks together and slipping the name card into the top between the front and back of the wine corks. 

Creat a spice mulling bag and tie a wine cork to the top so that the mulling spices willl float along the top of your liquid.

Making a wine cork trivet can be accomplished by gluing full or halved corks onto a board.

Wine cork clock, wine cork frame, or even a wine cork mirror can be gluing the corks around the outer edge

Wine Cork Ball _  I can't even begin to figure out how these corks are held onto the inner ball, but if you do this and figure it out, let me know! 

Ooooh I love this one!

Wine cork tassel - Wine cork curtain tie back.  What a  cool idea!

Christmas decorations: With a needle and fishing line, you can string a bunch  of wine corks together end to end, but I think I would add wood or glass cranberry colored beads myself.

Wine cork tree with raffia -  Glue your wine corks onto a foam or cardboard cone add a little raffia and voila!

wine cork craft ball
wine cork placecard holder
Now here is a super simple wine cork craft project that you can do in a day!  Cover your car with thousands of wine corks.  Well maybe this wine cork project will take more than a day. Might as well give yourself two :-)
wine cork place card holders
wreath made with wine corks
craft project with wine corks
wine cork craft - coaster with corks
Wine Cork Coaster Craft  - What a great gift!
wine cork tassel
Tree made with wine corks
These wine cork project ideas were prompted when I took a photo of my overflowing bowl of wine corks that I have been collecting. 

Some of my wine corks have been signed or initialed by friends during our gatherings and I started to think of what kind of sophisticated wine cork crafts  and projects I could find.

The ideas on how to use wine corks are limitless, but here are a few of my favorites.

Wine Cork Crafts