Yellow theme weddings and parties, in New England, are nothing less than cheery, happy, full of hope and sunshine.   I have compiled a lot of pictures for you.  Many of the photos come from The Knot other photos come from creative blogs or my own parties and events and I have tried to give credit when I know where the photos came from.  If you would like to send a photo to be added, please send it along!   The first group of yellow theme parties can be viewed in a larger format by clicking on the picture.   These yellow event theme ideas would be great for a bridal shower, "welcome summer" party, a yellow theme wedding, or corporate event.  The ideas are endless!
Please enjoy this photo gallery of yellow themed party idea.
Yellow theme wedding or yellow party ideas
Yellow theme party ideas
yellow theme party
photos from Pepper
yellow party ideas
yellow party dress ideas
What a sweet idea for a a summer birthday party.  Yellow lemonade, yellow cupcakes, goodie bags, and balloons.  So simple, but to the eye so invigorating.
yellow party ideas
I love these lemon yellow party dresses.  You would most certainly stand out in a crowd in these! It's all about style
lemon party ideas
photo credit
Adults only lemonade - Cool off with lemonade for adults only.  These lemonade recipes with alcohol are sure going to please the palette at your next party or special entertaining event.    Pssssst.  You can make it for yourself at home too!
lemonade display
Yellow and white table setting Very cheery!